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End Times Prophecy – Dispensational Truth

Wednesday, October 10th, 2012

As we study the Word of God, we find there is much to learn and discover. And, of course, the internet is a valuable resource. This is the first of many articles we will write about End Times Bible Prophecy, Dispensationalism and the Anti-Christ. These articles are designed to provide you with resources that are thought-provoking and well-researched information on this subject. Christians MUST study this subject. We cannot continue to be experts in the law, sports, movies, music, stocks, wealth generation, and know nothing or very little about End Times Prophecy. During my study I have watched several TV programs on Tomorrow’s World and read their free publication, Feb. 2012 issue: Why Study Bible Prophecy? Visit: to order your free copy. I also listened to a 10 part CD by Theresa Garcia called “The Man of Sin”. I think her work is phenomenal. She also has a TV ministry (TBN) “Understanding the End of the Age”. Utube:…/1nbmhpNDr5zq5bVCHd7GD1FlLbX…

In Theresa Garcia’s 10 part CD, “The Man of Sin” and her study book, she refers to “Dispensational Truth or God’s Plan and Purpose in the Ages; Clarence Larkin”.  I found this to be excellent foundational information. Who is Rev. Larkin? “Rev. Clarence Larkin (1850–1924) was an American Baptist pastor, Bible teacher and author whose writings on Dispensationalism had a great impact on conservative Protestant visual culture in the 20th century. His intricate and influential charts provided readers with a visual strategy for mapping God’s action in history and for interpreting complex biblical prophecies.”

“Clarence Larkin was born on October 28, 1850, in Chester, Delaware County, Pennsylvania. He experienced conversion at the age of 19…When he was converted he had become a member of the Episcopal Church, but in 1882, at the age of 32, he became a Baptist and was ordained as a Baptist minister two years later. He went directly from business into the ministry….He began to make large wall charts, which he titled ‘Prophetic Truth,’ for use in the pulpit. These led to invitations to teach elsewhere. During this time he published a number of prophetical charts, which were widely circulated and contributed as articles for the Sunday-School Times”.

In 1918, he completed Dispensational Truth, but high demand for the work led him to produce a greatly expanded edition in 1920. Dispensational Truth (or God’s Plan and Purpose in the Ages), contains dozens of charts and hundreds of pages of descriptive matter. He spent three years designing and drawing the charts and preparing the text, which remains in print. Dispensational Truth had a large and wide circulation, the first edition was soon exhausted. It was followed by a second edition, and then, realizing that the book was of permanent value, Larkin revised it and expanded it, printing it in its present form of over 300 pages. Larkin followed this with other books: Rightly Dividing the Word, The Book of Daniel, Spirit World, Second Coming of Christ, and A Medicine Chest for Christian Practitioners, a handbook on evangelism. During the last five years of his life, the demand for Larkin’s books made it necessary for him to give up the pastorate and devote his full time to writing. He died on January 24, 1924.” All excerps came from

Clarence Larkins’s charts are masterful. Click URL. Please review prior to going our next article. Website: or visit: